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BB Clocks and Watches,now flying under the banner of Moments of Time,was a business formed in 2008 for the retailing of clocks and watches.In addition,a small section of the business is devoted to antiques, collectables and vintage bicycles. I chose to locate the business in a calm and picturesque environment with a leisurely atmosphere.

The Old Granary at the Antique Centre in Battlesbridge,Essex,was a perfect location. Moments of Time is situated on the ground floor of The Old Granary. You can’t miss it: a tall imposing Victorian building covering 5 floors, topped by The Willows Tea room which gives a bird’s eye view of the river Crouch and surrounding countryside.

Mary, the proprietor, offers a full English breakfast, accompanied with china tea pots and cups, plus many more eatables served to your table cloth table. There are 4 more tea rooms spread over the complex,2 country pubs offering all day meals. The Barge Inn even offers 125 different gins:Happy Days. There are 80 independent dealers offering all manner of merchandise. But to cap it all, over 300 FREE car parking spaces.

During the warmer months there are many outdoor events which will please the entire family. In 1950, at the age of 9, my parents bought me a Smith’s wristwatch. Even at that early age I had an interest in mechanical things. YES, I took it apart. From then on my interest in mechanics encouraged me to join the Armed Forces as a Junior Mechanical Engineer. Like a motor car engine or a steam locomotive, clocks and watches are miniature engines driven by a spring which imparts energy to move the hands on the watch or clock.

Today, clocks and watches are in the main driven by an electronic impulse supplied by a battery or natural light. Like the modern motor car, clocks and watches are more reliable, accurate and with bells and whistles. In relaxing and pleasant surroundings my shop offers over 200 different clocks, most of which are from the world renown SEIKO range.

Seiko was founded in 1892 and was the first Japanese company to produce alarm clocks from their own factory in 1899. There quickly followed wall clocks, mantle clocks, musical clocks and even talking clocks. Alarm clocks use to be a feature of the bedroom only. They were functional and a necessity, purely to awaken you from your slumber. Today, alarm clocks are attractive, stylish, colourful and designed to sit in any room of your home.

Currently, I always have in stock over 100 different alarm clocks to suit all tastes and budgets. They are all on display to buy off the shelf. FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE, subject to availability, I AM GOING TO MAKE AN ALARM CLOCK OFFER: BUY ANY 2 ALARM CLOCKS AND THE LEAST EXPENSIVE OF THE 2 WILL BE HALF PRICE.

We are open 10am to 5pm every day of the year except Christmas Day and boxing day. You can email me OR Welcome and many thanks for your interest.

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